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News and Issues

Broken Windows Theory

Broken Windows is a crime theory which postulates that minor signs of disorder in a neighborhood, left unchecked, can result in more severe disorder and ultimately serious crime.[i]  Broken Windows was coined in 1982 by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling, professors at Harvard and Rutgers, respectively. Kelling and Wilson laid out their theory…

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Do Property Crimes Escalate into Violent Crimes?

Violence escalation is defined as a single crime in progress that escalates into violence or escalates into further violence. Violent crime is rare relative to other crimes. However, the identification of violence escalation factors has become considerably more important in light of current active shooter and other mass murder incidents in schools, entertainment venues, workplaces,…

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Crime Thresholds

Emile Durkheim, a pioneer in criminology, suggested that crime was not indicative of a pathology or illness in society but at certain levels, crime was simply evidence of the normal functioning of communities. A normal level of crime, referred to as endemic crime, helps to define and solidify norms in society. Data analyzed by criminologist…

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Foundations of a Successful Security Program

A successful security program or initiative should be rooted in sound crime prevention theory and research and designed for specific crime types. In the security field, opportunities are often referred to as vulnerabilities. There are ten principles of opportunity and crime: (Felson, M., Clarke, R. V. G., & Great Britain. (1998). Opportunity makes the thief:…

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Violent Crime Typology

Violent crimes represent a small but significant portion of the reported crime in the United States.  Categorically, violent crimes occur at a much lower frequency as compared to property crimes and disorder crimes.  However, violent crimes can cause significant harm.  While a robust body of knowledge regarding the effectiveness of crime prevention measures for property…

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