10Jan 2022

Unraveled is the result of over 7 years of research to bridge the gap between criminology and private sector security and crime prevention efforts. With 600+ footnotes, the goal of this book is to improve upon our security and crime prevention decisions using evidence-based research. The objectives of the book are to: Understand the criminology […]

10Jun 2021

Violent crimes represent a small but significant portion of the reported crime in the United States.  Categorically, violent crimes occur at a much lower frequency as compared to property crimes and disorder crimes.  However, violent crimes can cause significant harm.  While a robust body of knowledge regarding the effectiveness of crime prevention measures for property […]

03Jun 2021

Human trafficking has been identified as a global problem and occurs in most countries, including the United States. Traffickers use force, fraud and other coercive tactics to lure, exploit, and control victims. Youth are especially vulnerable to such tactics, particularly those with risk factors such as prior abuse and runaways. This article provides insights into […]

07Jul 2020

In the United States, we often base criminal justice policy on ideology, rather than research.  This sometimes results in time, effort, and money spent on crime prevention measures that are ineffective, or at best, untested.  Groups within the public sector, private sector, and academia are changing this by implementing evidence-based practices.  For example, in the […]

13May 2020

Crime analysis is a set of evidence-based analytical techniques and processes used to quantitatively analyze crime and security data to support the planning and deployment of security and other resources to reduce and/or mitigate future crimes and security breaches at specific places. This definition was developed for private sector crime analysts and will be published […]

13May 2020

Available now: Strategic Security Management: A Risk Assessment Guide for Decision Makers, Second Edition Strategic Security Management (2nd Edition) Strategic Security Management, Second Edition provides security leadership and decision-makers with a fresh perspective on threat, vulnerability, and risk assessment. The book offers a framework to look at applying security analysis and theory into practice for […]