Unraveled is the result of over 7 years of research to bridge the gap between criminology and private sector security and crime prevention efforts. With 600+ footnotes, the goal of this book is to improve upon our security and crime prevention decisions using evidence-based research. The objectives of the book are to:

  1. Understand the criminology theories that drive the security industry (e.g. Routine Activity Theory, Rational Choice Theory, Crime Pattern Theory, etc.)
  2. Improve our methods for operationalizing those theories (e.g. Situational Crime Prevention, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Broken Windows Theory, etc.)
  3. Apply evidence-based methods for analyzing crime and security incidents (e.g. Crime Rates, Temporal Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Crime Thresholds, Forecasting, Modus Operandi Analysis, Crime Harm Index, etc.)
  4. Improve your security decisions

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