The International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety Foundation’s 2015 Healthcare Crime Survey was commissioned under the Research and Grants Program. The purpose of the 2015 Healthcare Crime Survey is to provide healthcare¬†professionals with an understanding of crimes that impact hospitals as well as the frequency of these crimes.

The 2015 IHSSF Crime Survey collected information on ten (10) different types of crimes that were deemed relevant to hospitals and included:

Violent Crimes (Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault)
Disorderly Conduct
Theft (Larceny-Theft)
Motor Vehicle Theft

Key findings include:

– Violent Crimes continue to increase in hospitals
– Type 2 Workplace Violence (assaults on staff by patients and visitors) accounted for 79% of all aggravated assaults and 90% of all assaults occurring in the hospital
– 44% of aggravated assaults and 46% of assaults occurred in Emergency Departments as compared to the rest of the hospital


2015 Healthcare Crime Survey