Healthcare Security

20Jul 2012

As you know, justifying security FTE’s is a challenge, particularly in tight economic conditions. In an effort to assist the healthcare industry, a statistical model is being developed that will facilitate the benchmarking hospital security staffing levels. Please take a few minutes to complete a NINE question survey. If you responded to the 2011 survey, […]

14Jun 2012

SIW:  “The International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety announced that it has released a new handbook on “Design and Renovation Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities,” which aim to help security managers build security into new hospital construction and renovation projects.”   IAHSS Releases Design And Renovation Guidelines

25Apr 2012

At the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety conference in May 2012, we are presenting “A Model for Predicting Average Numbers of Hospital Security Based On Statistically Validated Parameters.”  This is the culmination of a year and a half of effort by a small group to develop benchmarks for security staffing. The goal of […]

31Jan 2012

“Over the past decade, hospitals across the nation have been subject to an alarming increase in violent incidents; in the last five years alone, there has been nearly a 300 percent increase in the number of reported homicides, assaults, and rapes compared to the previous five years” Homeland Security News Wire

16Jan 2012

“Over the past three years, at least 1,800 pharmacy robberies have occurred across the country.”  The Drug Enforcement Administration report a 51% increase in armed robberies of pharmacies between 2006 and 2010.  The primary cause of the increasing robberies, according to the DEA, is addiction to prescription drugs.  Standalone pharmacies, pharmacies in retail stores, and […]

16Jan 2012

“Hospitals — long considered places of healing — have experienced an increase in violent crimes in the last decade.  In the last five years, nearly three times as many assaults, rapes and homicides at hospitals were reported to the national hospital accreditation organization than in the previous five years.” Times Free Press

05Nov 2011

Nine hundred deaths and 1.7 million nonfatal assaults occur each year in the United States due to workplace violence. These numbers represent only the most serious physical violent incidents; the extent to which all types of violence are experienced in the workplace remains unknown. Workplace violence is a serious concern for emergency nurses. Due to […]