Healthcare Security

05Nov 2011

Nine hundred deaths and 1.7 million nonfatal assaults occur each year in the United States due to workplace violence. These numbers represent only the most serious physical violent incidents; the extent to which all types of violence are experienced in the workplace remains unknown. Workplace violence is a serious concern for emergency nurses. Due to […]

30Jun 2011

Over the past couple of years, Threat Analysis Group, LLC has published several articles on hospital security.  The articles address the security risk assessment process, in depth threat assessments, vulnerability analysis and security design consulting specifically for hospitals.  All of the articles are available free on our website:   Strategic Hospital Security Hospital Threat Assessments […]

01Jun 2011

“Hospitals have long been considered sacrosanct – places for healing and helping – but they are no longer immune to America’s increasing violence, experts say.  ‘Hospitals at one time were much like churches and schools, and were considered somewhat sacred,’ said Bryan Warren, president-elect of the International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security. “Unfortunately, that’s […]

22Apr 2011

The Emergency Nurses Association created a Workplace Violence Toolkit designed specifically for the emergency department managers and is also useful for security professionals and others responsible for managing violence in the emergency department. Did you know that workplace violence accounts for approximately 900 deaths and 1.7 millions non-fatal assaults each year in the United States? […]

10Mar 2011

As many security professionals of open campuses know, identifying who is coming on your property is challenging.  Keeping the bad guy off the property is difficult in open environments such as university campuses, hospitals, retail stores, and shopping centers.  One hospital may have found a possible solution using facial recognition technology. Read the complete article […]

09Feb 2011

From Campus Safety Magazine: “In June, the Joint Commission issued a  Sentinel Event Alert urging hospitals to pay greater attention to violence issues and to control access to facilities. When the alert was first released, healthcare facility security practitioners believed the alert’s impact would not be significant.  Or will it?” A recent survey from Campus […]