01Oct 2013

“Police agencies have long provided services to schools. It has only been in the past two decades, however, that assigning police officers to schools on a full-time basis has become a widespread practice.  An estimated one-third of all sheriffs’ offices and almost half of all municipal police departments assign nearly 17,000 sworn officers to serve […]

16Sep 2013

“The National Association of School Psychologists cautions against over-emphasizing extreme physical security measures or universally increasing armed security in schools as such strategies may undermine the learning environment while not necessarily safeguarding students. When considering school-wide efforts to promote safety, NASP recommends addressing the continuum of needs and services that lead to improved safety, well-being, […]

11May 2012

Crime in Schools and Colleges:  A Study of Offenders and Arrestees Reported via National Incident-Based Reporting System Data   “Schools and colleges are valued institutions that help build upon the Nation’s foundations and serve as an arena where the growth and stability of future generations begin.  Crime in schools and colleges is therefore one of […]