Security Officers / Personnel

27Jan 2015

The Federal Protective Service continues to face challenges ensuring that contract guards have been properly trained and certified before being deployed to federal facilities around the country. In September 2013, for example, GAO reported that providing training for active shooter scenarios and screening access to federal facilities poses a challenge for FPS. According to officials […]

28Feb 2014

“Several of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Protective Service’s (FPS) guard requirements are generally comparable to those of the six selected agencies GAO reviewed, but FPS faces challenges in some aspects of guards’ training. FPS and the six selected agencies GAO reviewed require basic, firearms, and screener (x-ray and magnetometer equipment) training for their […]

16Sep 2013

“The National Association of School Psychologists cautions against over-emphasizing extreme physical security measures or universally increasing armed security in schools as such strategies may undermine the learning environment while not necessarily safeguarding students. When considering school-wide efforts to promote safety, NASP recommends addressing the continuum of needs and services that lead to improved safety, well-being, […]

19Mar 2013

Allegations of excessive use of force are common in both law enforcement and security.  The article and video below illustrate the difficulty in determining whether force was excessive. Article and Video The The International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) recently released a Use of Force by Security Personnel Best Practice:  IAPSC Best Practices The […]

28Nov 2011

We are working on a project to identify industry benchmarks for security officer staffing levels. It is recognized that hospitals have unique security needs and risks.  As such, this study does not attempt to identify the appropriate security staffing level for a particular hospital. Alternatively, our goal is to “To identify general industry benchmarks for hospital […]

30Apr 2010

In most cases, there is a fairly obvious answer to this question. Typically, security personnel are deployed in the protection of people and property. In some environments, however, the assets in need of protection are not so obvious. Take a high tech environment, for example, where the assets may be design features of equipment. Or […]