24Aug 2010

Does your security consultant or internal security staff assess both physical and operational aspects of the security program?  We often review prior assessments that focus solely on one or the other, usually the physical side only, but less frequently do consultants or security staff review both. A physical security assessment typically includes a review of […]

07Jul 2010

The International Association of Professional Security Consultants is hosting its first regional security conference in Texas.  Building on successful regional conferences in New York and Southern California, IAPSC seeks to continue its expansion into the Southwest. Learn more about the Conference

03May 2010

What are the most commonly mixed up security terms? Threat, vulnerability, and risk. While it might be unreasonable to expect those outside the security industry to understand the differences, more often than not, many in the business use these terms incorrectly or interchangeably. Maybe some definitions (from Strategic Security Management) might help…. Asset – People, […]

09Apr 2010

What types of threats should you be looking at? From a security perspective, a threat is an act or condition that seeks to obtain, damage, or destroy an asset. Threats can be divided into three types: actual, conceptual, and inherent. Actual threats are the crime and security incident history against an asset or at a […]

17Mar 2010

You’re a very busy hospital security manager.  At 2 pm on one of your normal busy days, you receive a call from a man saying he represents a security consulting firm.  He explains that one of the company’s specialties is technical expertise in electronic security design.  He asks if you have any upcoming projects or […]

21Feb 2010

Like all professional services, security consultants are a diverse group.  Many have years of experience while others have just entered the field.  Some are specialized in specific industries or type of facilities while others are generalists.  Many consultants rely on their prior experience in law enforcement, the military, or as security managers and directors until […]

21Feb 2010

An independent security consultant maintains his/her integrity at all times. An independent security consultant is not affiliated with any manufacturer or vendor of security equipment, nor does s/he profit in any way from a client’s selection of vendors or contractors. An independent security consultant’s primary objective is to help clients provide maximum protection for their […]

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