19Jan 2015

Since it’s inception in 1997, Threat Analysis Group, LLC has been an independent security consulting company.  This means we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or vendor of security equipment, nor do we profit in any way from a client’s selection of vendors or contractors.   There are different terms that describe independence such as vendor […]

12Nov 2013

“Shrink, comprised of shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud, organized retail crime and administrative errors, cost the retail industry more than $112 billion globally last year, according to the 2012-2013 Global Retail Theft Barometer, and represented 1.4 percent of retail sales, on average.”   Wall Street Journal

25Jul 2013

Security is rarely a popular subject from the organizational perspective.  Because it is typically a cost item, with little immediate return on investment and has a potential impact on liability, security can make people uncomfortable.  Often, only an unfortunate event forces them to evaluate security.  Police have long been criticized for being reactive, but the […]

05Jul 2013

When evaluating security, consultants apply a spectrum of guidance when developing recommendations.  The spectrum begins at one end with the security consultant’s professional opinion which is often based on years of education, training, and experience.  Professional opinion, while valuable to both clients and courts (when submitted as expert testimony), is challenging to quantify and difficult […]

19Mar 2013

Allegations of excessive use of force are common in both law enforcement and security.  The article and video below illustrate the difficulty in determining whether force was excessive. Article and Video The The International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) recently released a Use of Force by Security Personnel Best Practice:  IAPSC Best Practices The […]

09Jul 2012

“Predictive-analytics software is the latest piece of policing technology working its way into law-enforcement stations around the country….it calculates its forecasts based on times and locations of previous crimes, combined with sociological information about criminal behavior and patterns.”  Threat Analysis Group, LLC has been using similar technology for 7+ years for our private sector clients. […]

25Apr 2012

At the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety conference in May 2012, we are presenting “A Model for Predicting Average Numbers of Hospital Security Based On Statistically Validated Parameters.”  This is the culmination of a year and a half of effort by a small group to develop benchmarks for security staffing. The goal of […]

30Jun 2011

Over the past couple of years, Threat Analysis Group, LLC has published several articles on hospital security.  The articles address the security risk assessment process, in depth threat assessments, vulnerability analysis and security design consulting specifically for hospitals.  All of the articles are available free on our website:   Strategic Hospital Security Hospital Threat Assessments […]

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