23Sep 2015

This Standard provides guidance on developing and sustaining a coherent and effective risk assessment program including principles, managing an overall risk assessment program, and performing individual risk assessments, along with confirming the competencies of risk assessors and understanding biases. This Standard describes a well-defined risk assessment program and individual assessments to provide the foundation for […]

01Oct 2013

“Home invasion robbery has characteristics of both residential burglary and street robbery. Like residential burglars, home robbers must usually gain unlawful entry into an individual’s residential dwelling (a single-family home, apartment unit, or mobile home). Like street robbers, home robbers physically confront victims in order to obtain desired items. Yet, home invasion robbery is distinct […]

29Apr 2013

“Aviation security is costly, controversial, and contentious; no other security measures directly affect such a large portion of the country’s population. Because of the nature of the threat, aviation security is the most intrusive form of security, pushing hard on the frontier of civil liberties. And the threat is real: terrorists remain obsessed with attacking […]

10Dec 2012

Key assumptions for Reducing the Fear of Crime: Fear matters—it negatively affects individuals and communities. Fear is real—while it is just a feeling, fear affects behavior, politics, economics, and social life. Admittedly, fear is not as important as crime—the harm caused by fear should not be equated with the tangible and often tragic harm caused […]

26Oct 2012

The failure to properly design and/or install Security Systems can have significant repercussions and may result in injuries.  A recent case in Minnesota reflect the dangers.  A woman was being stalked by an ex-boyfriend.  The ex-boyfriend threatened her life.  As a result, the woman informed an alarm installer and subsequently contracted with them to install […]

02Aug 2012

“At the Black Hat security conference Tuesday evening, a Mozilla software developer and 24-year old security researcher named Cody Brocious plans to present a pair of vulnerabilities he’s discovered in hotel room locks from the manufacturer Onity, whose devices are installed on the doors of between four and five million hotel rooms around the world […]

21Jul 2012

“Criminologists and crime prevention practitioners are increasingly aware of the importance of places of crime. A place is a very small area, usually a street corner, address, building, or street segment. A focus on crime places contrasts with a focus on neighborhoods. Neighborhood theories usually highlight the development of offenders, while place level explanations emphasize […]

25Apr 2012

At the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety conference in May 2012, we are presenting “A Model for Predicting Average Numbers of Hospital Security Based On Statistically Validated Parameters.”  This is the culmination of a year and a half of effort by a small group to develop benchmarks for security staffing. The goal of […]

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