Crime Prevention

14Apr 2011

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service recently published a literature review and secondary data analysis entitled, “The Private Security Industry:  A Review of the Definitions, Available Data Sources, and Paths Moving Forward.” The Private Security Industry Executive Summary: The private security industry is a crucial component of security and safety in the United States and abroad. […]

01Apr 2011

The Security Continuum includes four distinct security strategies – – – Deterrence, Prevention, Mitigation, and Investigation. Deterrence is designed to discourage criminals by increasing their risks, promoting a sense of security, and instilling doubt.  A criminal who chooses not to commit a crime at your facility because of existing security measures is an example of […]

24Mar 2011

A paper in the Journal of Physical Security defined threats and vulnerabilities as follows: Threat: Who might attack against what assets, using what resources, with what goal in mind, when/where/why, and with what probability. There might also be included some general aspect of the nature of the attack (e.g., car bombing, theft of equipment, etc.), […]

21Oct 2010

1. Opportunities play a role in causing all crime 2. Crime opportunities are highly specific 3. Crime opportunities are concentrated in time and space 4. Crime opportunities depend on everyday movements 5. One crime produces opportunities for another 6. Some products offer more tempting crime opportunities 7. Social and technological changes produce new crime opportunities […]