Crime Prevention

15Aug 2013

“Your perception of any city or neighborhood is largely determined by things you can’t quantify, like the vague feeling that a place just seems friendly, or clean, or well-lit. So much of our experience of cities is subjective like this. But if officials could figure out how to measure otherwise emotional or intuitive perceptions of, […]

12Apr 2013

“DALWORTHINGTON GARDENS — The discovery of a hidden camera may help solve a series of break-ins at upscale homes in several North Texas cities. “This one has already been camouflaged,” said detective Ben Singleton, holding what looks like a piece of bark that would go unnoticed in most yards. It’s actually a video camera not […]

09Nov 2012

Known or possible terrorists have displayed suspicious behaviors while staying at hotels overseas—including avoiding questions typically asked of hotel registrants; showing unusual interest in hotel security; attempting access to restricted areas; and evading hotel staff. These behaviors also could be observed in U.S. hotels, and security and law enforcement personnel should be aware of the […]

21Jul 2012

“Criminologists and crime prevention practitioners are increasingly aware of the importance of places of crime. A place is a very small area, usually a street corner, address, building, or street segment. A focus on crime places contrasts with a focus on neighborhoods. Neighborhood theories usually highlight the development of offenders, while place level explanations emphasize […]

21Feb 2012

Building on their past research on situational crime prevention, Drs. Clarke and Eck explain the concept of risky facilities in this paper. Introduction In any large city just a handful of bars give the police far more trouble than all the rest put together. The same is true of many other types of establishments, such […]

27Jan 2012

This guide begins by describing the problem of sexual assault of women by strangers and reviewing factors that increase its risks. It then lists a series of questions to help you analyze your local sexual assault problem. Finally, it reviews responses to the problem and what is known about them from evaluative research and police […]

29Sep 2011

“Between 2007 and 2010, researchers from the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center studied public surveillance systems in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., to measure the extent of their use, their effects on crime, their other benefits, and their costs. While results varied by area, surveillance systems in Baltimore and Chicago produced more than enough benefits […]

30Aug 2011

Security Journal has an excellent article entitled:  Super controllers and crime prevention: A routine activity explanation of crime prevention success and failure. Why does crime prevention fail? And under what conditions does it succeed? Routine Activity Theory provides the foundation for understanding crime and its patterns by focusing on variations in the convergence of offenders, […]

03Aug 2011

A security mix is a combination of security measures that, when properly deployed, can effectively protect assets. A good security mix incorporates multiple types of security measures at sufficient levels to provide adequate security. Note the key phrase in the last sentence…at sufficient levels. In a chapter I recently wrote for a Retail Security textbook, […]

30Jun 2011

Over the past couple of years, Threat Analysis Group, LLC has published several articles on hospital security.  The articles address the security risk assessment process, in depth threat assessments, vulnerability analysis and security design consulting specifically for hospitals.  All of the articles are available free on our website:   Strategic Hospital Security Hospital Threat Assessments […]