Security Risk Assessment

23Sep 2015

This Standard provides guidance on developing and sustaining a coherent and effective risk assessment program including principles, managing an overall risk assessment program, and performing individual risk assessments, along with confirming the competencies of risk assessors and understanding biases. This Standard describes a well-defined risk assessment program and individual assessments to provide the foundation for […]

17Jun 2014

While the daily assessment of terror threats applies primarily to security professionals who are charged with protecting critical infrastructure assets, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and transportation ports, most security professionals focus on terrorism as a  high risk, low probability concern which needs to be addressed on an irregular basis.  Once terrorism contingency plans, […]

25Jul 2013

Security is rarely a popular subject from the organizational perspective.  Because it is typically a cost item, with little immediate return on investment and has a potential impact on liability, security can make people uncomfortable.  Often, only an unfortunate event forces them to evaluate security.  Police have long been criticized for being reactive, but the […]

12Jul 2013

Security is often addressed as something that is either present or absent.  However, security is not a dichotomy.  Security is a process and exists somewhere along a continuum between absolute security and the complete lack thereof.  Security is subjective.  Two individuals in the same environment will perceive security differently, and each may have very good […]

06Oct 2011

Threat Analysis Group, LLC has redesigned the Security Risk Assessment Flow Chart.  The latest version of the flow chart, seen below, adds additional details and a new design scheme.  We welcome feedback and suggestions for improving the flow chart via e-mail.  

14Apr 2011

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service recently published a literature review and secondary data analysis entitled, “The Private Security Industry:  A Review of the Definitions, Available Data Sources, and Paths Moving Forward.” The Private Security Industry Executive Summary: The private security industry is a crucial component of security and safety in the United States and abroad. […]