05Jan 2012

For as long as memory serves, following the smokers helped identify access control weaknesses and hiding spots around a campus or building.  Today a new trick was learned while conducting a security risk assessment at a school.  If you follow the kids, in this case a group of 10 year old boys, you’ll undoubtedly find […]

23Aug 2011

A new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) identifies various security staffing approaches used by government agencies.  The purpose of the report was to assist the Federal Protective Service improve their security staffing efforts.  However, some of the GAO’s findings are useful for the private sector, particularly their enumeration of benefits and challenges of contract […]

30Jun 2011

Over the past couple of years, Threat Analysis Group, LLC has published several articles on hospital security.  The articles address the security risk assessment process, in depth threat assessments, vulnerability analysis and security design consulting specifically for hospitals.  All of the articles are available free on our website:   Strategic Hospital Security Hospital Threat Assessments […]

01Apr 2011

The Security Continuum includes four distinct security strategies – – – Deterrence, Prevention, Mitigation, and Investigation. Deterrence is designed to discourage criminals by increasing their risks, promoting a sense of security, and instilling doubt.  A criminal who chooses not to commit a crime at your facility because of existing security measures is an example of […]

24Mar 2011

A paper in the Journal of Physical Security defined threats and vulnerabilities as follows: Threat: Who might attack against what assets, using what resources, with what goal in mind, when/where/why, and with what probability. There might also be included some general aspect of the nature of the attack (e.g., car bombing, theft of equipment, etc.), […]

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