Crime Prevention

Protecting Federal Facilities Remains A Challenge

The Federal Protective Service continues to face challenges ensuring that contract guards have been properly trained and certified before being deployed to federal facilities around the country. In September 2013, for example, GAO reported that providing training for active shooter scenarios and screening access to federal facilities poses a challenge for FPS. According to officials […]

Good editorial on Crime Prevention

What causes young inner-city men to kill each other? Where do we start? At the root causes of poverty, discrimination, family breakdown, childhood toxic stress? With concrete societal failings such as bad schools, unsafe housing, lack of health care and few jobs? With a gang culture that accords respect to those who commit brutal crimes […]

NIJs new website

A new National Institute of Justice website,, uses rigorous research to determine what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services. In addition to continuing to capture ongoing reviews of justice programs, also presents reviews of justice practices. A practice is a general category of activities, strategies, or procedures that share similar […]

Home Invasion Robbery

“Home invasion robbery has characteristics of both residential burglary and street robbery. Like residential burglars, home robbers must usually gain unlawful entry into an individual’s residential dwelling (a single-family home, apartment unit, or mobile home). Like street robbers, home robbers physically confront victims in order to obtain desired items. Yet, home invasion robbery is distinct […]

Ingenuity by Burglar

“DALWORTHINGTON GARDENS — The discovery of a hidden camera may help solve a series of break-ins at upscale homes in several North Texas cities. “This one has already been camouflaged,” said detective Ben Singleton, holding what looks like a piece of bark that would go unnoticed in most yards. It’s actually a video camera not […]

Possible indicators of terrorist activity in hotels

Known or possible terrorists have displayed suspicious behaviors while staying at hotels overseas—including avoiding questions typically asked of hotel registrants; showing unusual interest in hotel security; attempting access to restricted areas; and evading hotel staff. These behaviors also could be observed in U.S. hotels, and security and law enforcement personnel should be aware of the […]

Understanding Risky Facilities

Building on their past research on situational crime prevention, Drs. Clarke and Eck explain the concept of risky facilities in this paper. Introduction In any large city just a handful of bars give the police far more trouble than all the rest put together. The same is true of many other types of establishments, such […]